Cycling was one of Bobby Cann’s greatest joys. Not only did he ride his bike every day, he was active in the cycling community and could tune up a bike as well as any professional mechanic.

In the early evening on May 29, Bobby began his bicycle commute home from work, just like every other day. But that day he crossed paths with someone who’d allegedly had too much to drink.

Bobby lived a life of compassion and positive action. If the allegations of felony aggravated DUI/reckless homicide are true, the driver thought of no one, including himself, when he decided to take the wheel. Bobby is gone because a motorist allegedly chose to be selfish and thoughtless--the antithesis of who Bobby was.

Bobby believed in being well-informed, and he believed in activism. We encourage you to explore our information on cycling and drunk driving legislation. Use our advocacy resources to contact your local legislators and lobby for change. We also encourage you to join the Chicago cycling community--a group of people whom we have found to be extraordinarily wonderful.

We love you, Bobby. Ride on.

- Bianca Field