Sheila's Tribute

I don’t want to get on my bike.

But you, Bobby Cann, wouldn’t want that. You would want everyone riding whenever and wherever possible. You’d want there to be bike lanes, and spandex, and carbon fiber everywhere you go. And even though you’re a Red Sox fan, And even though you always need a haircut, And even though you are terrible at responding in a timely fashion, I’m going to get back on my bike. And even though we’re never going to take that ride to Spring Green, And even though you’ll never again be able to tell me about Kitten Mittens, And even though we’ll never head back to Chi-Tung like we talked about, I’ll get back on my bike And even though “yo money came back” And even though you wore a buff and lobster gloves the first time you met my friends, And even though you had a really creepy job handing out candy to kids at Old Navy, I’m going to get back on my bike And even though I’m going to miss you like hell And even though I’ll never again meet someone who could light up a room like that And even though I don’t want to… I’ll get back on my bike. I’ll take another bike tour. I’ll venture to someplace I’ve never been. I’ll try new things and grab opportunities as they come. You are one in a million. I hope you’re off touring the world right now. Take Care of yourself Bobby Cann; you will be missed.

- Sheila Gleason